This page will pull together information about dissemination activities of the project team.

We had our presentations accepted at the following events:

Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact – Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education; paper to be presented “Digital Futures in Teacher Education: Exploring the opportunities and challenges of creative and innovative uses of digital literacy in schools”

The 48th UKLA International Conference; paper to be presented “Digital Futures in Teacher Education  – the DeFT project”



2 thoughts on “Dissemination

  1. The bare bones of our DeFT project at Mundella are now finished, and we are waiting for Richard Johnson to pull together the individual flowers to make the Bigger Bloom digital mural via Photoshop. The finished exhibition will be launched digitally on our school website and the dissemination will take place in a series of workshops run by the children as digital leaders, showing their parents the technology, the apps and the literacy involved in the creation of the mural.

    All involved are really excited by the dissemination workshops as it is not just down to me now! The other two classes needed to be on board as it would not be possible for me to run the workshops during school time. Luckily, when I presented the idea to them this week, they thought it was fab and could really see the benefit of working with the parents in this way.

    So our children will move from being digital participants to digital leaders, developing their deeper understanding of the technology and communication through digital media by teaching their grown-ups what they know.

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