Digital bloom – we’ll be back!

Kids from Mundella Primary visit the installation

It’s been a whirlwind of a week – over 400 visitors (still doing the sums!), nearly 400 paintings created with the Brushes iPad app and countless conversations on digital literacy and Open Educational Resources with members of the general public who happened to be in Winter Garden in the centre of Sheffield and wandered into the pod with the Digital Bloom installation. Obviously, we need time to process everything that went on throughout the week, but overall, we’ve managed to reach out to a very diverse public between the ages of 2-82 (ish) and helped make Sheffield a digitally more open place. A big shout out to everyone who made it happen, especially the developers from RealSmart who gave up a considerable chunk of their weekend to make sure that the children from Mundella will be able to see their flowers.  Richard Johnson from Sheffield Children’s Festival once again added creative fire to the project with  Tori, Kayleigh and Jess from Sheffield Hallam University doing a great job as pod assistants. Last but not least, this installation was made possible thanks to the tireless efforts of the DeFT team – now on to the online version of the Digital Bloom and hopefully a second iteration of the public event, this time with the meadow focusing on student and teacher voices.

Have a look at the latest artwork on


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