If a picture is worth a thousand words…..

The Imovie workshop at Newman school.

The imovie workshop took place at Newman school.  Jack showed us a film about the work that he does with children from Newman school, and discussed elements of literacy that he develops using film.  Jack’s famous quote is “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a moving picture worth?”

We at the workshop learned it was worth that a lot more than you think… we saw how children blossomed under Jack’s tuition with the help of the video camera. We could see how they planned (“storyboarded”), filmed, performed, edited, and produced excellent material that was interesting and informative.

The participants of the workshop included teachers from the DeFT team, a member of the Hallam Partnership team, students, colleagues and staff from Newman.

We all enjoyed the relaxed, informal atmosphere and benefited from Jack’s enthusiastic hands on approach.  One participant stated that he “really showed how literacy can be taught in an exciting way”. We all thought that we would have liked to have a longer session to experiment with the equipment, and some suggested a follow up session to which they would invite colleagues and  fellow students.

All in all a successful workshop!

You can get a glimpse of what we were up to in this video.


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