Budding Artists

Last week we had our first workshop held in the Owen building at Hallam University that was delivered by one of our partners,  Richard Johnson from the Sheffield Children’s Festival.

Twelve people attended the workshop including Bjoern Hassler from the Cambridge based ORBIT project, Chris Bayley from Bradfield Dungworth Primary, Jack Todhunter from Newman , Kate Cosgrove from Mundella, and Tom, an eight year old expert that just popped by.

Richard had set up the room so that the tables and chairs were grouped together around vases of brilliant yellow tulips that seem to lean anxiously out towards us. Each person had access to an ipad perched on an easel.  As there were a couple of people who had no previous experience with ipads,  Richard introduced the session with a short explanation about the features of the ipad, and how to use the brushes app.  After this, we were given instructions in stages as to how to ‘paint’  tulips.

Richard said ,”I will show some simple steps, but you need to bring your own creativity and style as well.” He explained that the ipad is a lovely media for children because it is intuitive-  “there is nothing in between them and the canvas- apart from a bit of technology!”

Just as he had at Mundella school, Richard shared three artist’s tips: to find out about them, and how they went down with the children, you will have to visit the comets blog

The silence in the room was tangible. Everyone was concentrating very hard, performing to the best of their abilities!  When we had finished we learned how to “play back” our pictures in order to see how we had created them. You can see how Jack Todhunter’s mind worked as you play back the story of his creation here.

The feedback was excellent.  Everyone agreed that the session was useful for their professional development, and that it was helpful to their work on the DeFT project.  A few participants commented on how they appreciated the practical ‘how to’ ipad lessons, while others stated they enjoyed learning art techniques which can be applied to ipad apps.

The only criticism was that the lifts were not working in the Owen Building, and everyone had to walk up 8 flights of stairs to get to the seminar room.

Jack Todhunter took a video of Richard Johnson demonstrating some of the features of the ipad-.


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