Plans are afoot

There are plans afoot for the workshop sessions for the participants of DeFT.  Richard Johnson will be leading a session on how to capture creative moments on ipads using the brushes app.  We will all become budding David Hockneys as we experiment with the various features of the app, and Richard will be giving us tips on what (and what not) to do with children in schools.  He will have come hotfoot from Mundella Primary School, where he is working on the digital bloom project which is part of the Sheffield’s Children’s Festival.

We are also planning to put Jack Todhunters skills to good practice. Based at Newman Special School  Jack is planning to run a workshop on video editing.  This is a useful skill, and it will enable us to add creative and informative clips to our websites and case studies.  Jack has already done extensive work with Dr. Emma Moore with her Linguistic and English students at The University of Sheffield. She has seen the value of the work he does with younger students and realises that his approach lends itself to work with adults too. Jack says that if he doesn’t turn us all into experts on imovie after 20 minutes, we can throw stones at him…



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