Action at Base Camp

While Anna and Richard are off in Cambridge 2012 delivering a paper about the early findings of our DeFTOER3 project, things have not been static at base camp.

Today I am delivering 5 ipads to Kate Cosgrove at Mundella Primary School.  Kate wanted them early so that her children would have a chance to become familiar with some of the features of the brushes app. before Richard Johnson from the Sheffield Children’s Festival comes in next week to run a workshop with her class.  Inspired by the Hockney murals, they will be using the brushes app to produce their own masterpieces for the Children’s Festival.

I am also delivering all but one of our ipods to Jim Hildyard at Winterhill Comprehensive.  He will be using them with his children to develop resources that will be linked by QR codes to displays at Magna Science Adventure Centre.  We don’t know what these resources will be yet- they might be historical or scientific insights that his children have researched- or they might be artistic creations inspired by the magnificent displays at Magna.  We will have to wait and see…

I said all but one of our ipods… the last ipod, (number 14 on the list) is with Rob Hobson, from Halfway Junior School who has spent his Easter holidays experimenting with GPS, QR codes and geocaching.  He is planning a spectacular event at his school that will be created by his Y6 children when they have finished working hard to get through their SATs.

And this is just a glimpse of the action….. watch this space…using the brushes app on the ipad


6 thoughts on “Action at Base Camp

  1. The iPads arrived! The first thing I had to sort out was getting them PAT tested. First hurdle. 12 iPads and 8 plug sockets on the work top was the next. Managed to find another couple of plugs under the bookshelf after clearing some shelves and eventually got them all charging up in my classroom. Sorted.
    I’ve arranged for all three classes to have some time ‘playing’ with the iPads before next week. I thought it was important to remove the teachig f the technology from the session so we could get straight into the learning. Today was my class’s turn….
    My y2 children were so excited! I’d spent the evening learning the ins and outs of the app at home so I could teach them quickly how it works and so I wasn’t on the back foot with the technology. I worked out how to take photos using the front lens and how to drop it into the canvas on the app and all the different brushes available. I’m so glad I did….
    When I say down and showed them how to use the app, I went through it all, then handed them over. It wasn’t until 5 mins in when I realised I’d forgotten to tell them how to turn them on…. It was then that I realised they really didn’t need me at all!


  2. As the big day gets nearer, I’m starting to reflect on the wider impact that the Bigger Bloom project will have on our children, and more specifically, on their digital literacy. Defining digital literacy in this context as the ability to use digital equipment effectively as efficiently (as in being literate in digital technology), the iPads themselves have already had a massive impact on motivation. Children as young as 4 in reception were using them with ease, moving between apps and the home screen quickly and without concern for the equipment itself. The were confident and surprisingly competent. The Y2 children in my class had a few more opportunities to access them as they are charging in my room, and by this afternoon were creating some really quite complex images using the brushes app.

    We are all looking forward to using the iPads again with more structure next week, and the children will be blogging their thoughts on our class blog

    Till next week…

  3. We’ve got our first class ready to go and already me and Richard are reflecting on how the project will grow and change over the week. We’ve adapted the lesson plan and getting straight onto the painting as the children are all so confident with using the technology now, he’s realised he doesn’t need to focus on that bit in the project session.
    He is teaching them the intricacies of the app (transparency, colour pick etc) and enabling them to be competent users of the digital technology – being digitally literate – whilst them applying their digital skills to an artistic framework.

    • There’s some fab stuff here, Kate. My absolute favourite is a child’s blog comment: ‘enjoyed having the ipads in school because it has eprooved my art’. I think this is evidence of school eprovement!

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