To shine or not to shine?

I think, as Anna says, it’s not the shiny OERs that would make people want to embrace digital literacies in the classroom. It is material that responds to the sensibilities of those of us who feel they are still on the nursery slopes that would work for me. The invention of technological advancement is all very commendable, but it is the interface between technology and users that seems the hardest to get right.
At the last teachers’ meeting, I was exposed to a new vocabulary. Teachers spoke of their involvements with Moodle, Nanogong, Edmodo, QR codes, GPS with mobile devices, final cut, and ‘stealth reading’. I don’t think I am the only person in the world who did not know about these things… well… do you know what they all are? Certainly in the pub later that night, nobody had any idea of what I was talking about. Now I am aware these things exist, and am exploring some of their possible applications I feel more in the know, (and just a little superior?)
But DeFT teachers are keen not to be categorised as techies. They are empathetic, and understand issues involved here. Kate is planning on making resources to introduce people to web2.0 ‘stuff’. She said (according to my transcript)” I know it sounds really simple stuff, but actually it can be really scary if you have not done it before.” Michael is looking to set up a ‘non-threatening’ web space in his school, where members of staff can share, trial and reflect upon resources that support the use and promotion of digital literacies in school. Jack, who is fed up with being “wheeled in like a circus act” to schools, is intent on producing a “warts and all” story of all the stages he and the children he works with went through to produce stunning film productions.
The session worked as a stimulating exchange of ideas which could as Jo said, “change my life” as a teacher!
These case studies will work towards presenting new technologies as interesting aids to teaching and learning rather than difficult challenges that add to all the other burdens teachers face.


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