After the core team meeting

Last week, deep in the bowels of the Science block at Hallam University, we had a DeFT core team meeting.  Although at first only a few members of the team were able to attend, in the end everyone was there: Julia Davies, Jackie Marsh, Guy Merchant, Cathy Burnett, Richard Pountney, Anna Gruszczynska, and me. We had the best sandwiches that Sheffield Hallam could offer (there were whispers that they were ‘gold’ level), and sat down to a working lunch.

Richard outlined the agenda for the afternoon: the main subject of the meeting was the schools’ case studies, and the meeting with the teachers on the 9th February.

As discussion points, Anna introduced a theoretical mapping activity using the JISC Digital Literacy Anatomised diagram and the Futurelab framework to identify areas of digital literacy we may be covering.  She also presented a location map of the schools. We found that inadvertently we had chosen schools that formed a ring around the city centre.  It was decided to invite one more school situated at the centre of Sheffield.

We then shared news of case studies from the schools.  The energy and enthusiasm that sparked round the room was quite uplifting.  This was the first opportunity team members had to get a full picture of the range of different projects the schools were involved with, and it was a valuable opportunity to share ideas and experiences.  It was felt that it would be a good idea to provide the teachers with the same opportunity on the February 9th project meeting.

Thoughts went to dissemination, and Guy mentioned that the team will be presenting at the UK Literacy Association conference as well as at the Cambridge OER2012, and Richard confirmed that the workshop focusing on OERs for teacher education is being planned with Sara Younie and Sara Jones involved with the “Digital literacy and creativity” project and will take place during the ITTE conference in July at Oxford University.  The Sheffield Children’s Festival is on the horizon with thoughts of emulating Hockney’s work on ipads…although nothing is set in stone yet, there are exciting plans afoot!


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