SCORE Meeting

I went to a SCORE event in Milton Keynes last week. It was good to meet others working in the same fields, and to be able to put the faces to the people behind the tweets and blogs. I met David Kernohan and Theresa Connelly who is working on a parallel OER phase 3 project, ORBIT. Theresa and I spoke briefly about the mechanics of presenting case studies and cataloguing resources. I also met Non Scantlebury, an information specialist from the OU who kindly offered support in this area, and I planned to send her a link to our wiki so that she can take a look at what we have collected so far.
As a relative newcomer to the concept of OERs, It was very interesting to find out what the other projects had been doing over the past 2 years. Although I often felt out of my depth grappling with unfamiliar jargon and acronyms, I did glean some interesting and relevant points. The evaluations offered by JISC OER phase one and two projects and the OLnet projects, highlighted some of the issues we have already encountered in our digital literacy for student teachers project. Our focus groups of student teachers are throwing light on assumptions about material used for educational purposes and copyright. They too have worries about issues surrounding authorship, access and validity.…, and it is becoming very clear in our work with schools that there is rarely enough time and training for staff and learners to explore the changing modes of learning. It was quite reassuring (in a way) to discover that we are not alone in struggling to find solutions.
It was also interesting to explore the political aspects of OERs and to hear different viewpoints. Looking at the video from Desmond Tutu (one of my first tasks on the OCL4Ed12-01 open course that I have registered for to learn about OERs), I am reassured that we are going in the right direction, and that free and open access to knowledge for all remains a top priority.


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