first blog post

Ok this is my first blog ever. I have come to this project from the outside. Outside the world of digital literacy, OERs, wikis, blogs and tweets…
I am not a technophobe. I have dabbled with the super 8 -making films of moving fruit in my youth, and have constructed short digital films to create moods for presentations for conferences. I have a blackberry… I can often build up the flat packs from IKEA. I do not shy away from new technology.
But while Anna has been an absolute saint guiding me through these new tools for social networking, I find that I am completely out of my depth as I gradually realise the extent of the work has gone on already.
I can see blogging and tweeting allows for instantaneously shared thoughts, connections with people, and that it can invite exciting collaborative ideas but I am reluctant to plunge in. I am fearful/wary/shy of the web. I have been trying to put together some words to explain why.
I think it might have something to do with the speed and the irrevocability of it all.

I want be able to present things carefully before it is published to the world: I feel more comfortable having control over what I present, and how I present it, and know who my audience may be.
When I researched teachers’ lives for my doctoral study I became aware how conscious people were of preserving their privacy, protecting their identity. The data they shared with me was sensitive and I was very much conscious of the fact that I was extremely privileged to have access to it. The teachers needed to be asked before their conversations were taped. They did not want their images connected to the data, so I used actors to re- present their stories.
It is with this background that I come to the project. Tiptoeing through other people’s sensibilities, and not always getting it right.

I am slow, I need time to give thoughts and feelings space to cultivate/develop/ (fester?) before they are put out as printed words . I like to be able to get used to an idea as a thing in itself before it becomes, (as old Barthos acknowledges), a thing whose meaning we can no longer control, although we are still ascribed its authorship…
And this is another area I find confusing.
We can anonymise our words-we have handles(is that the right word?) like graffiti artists, that allow us to post things anonymously, which can be quite refreshing, but sometimes this is not satisfactory because the value of a statement coming from a vacuum is questionable, and anyway these pseudonyms are cosmetic. People in the know know. Although we are addressing this point on our blog, it is still an issue I find hard to come to terms within the culture of social networking.
And this is just some of the baggage that I arrive with as a digital refugee to the project…. It is how I feel today, but probably not tomorrow,


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