Online people tagging

Last week I did a keynote for the SoMobNet crew, and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the conversation on mobile social networking. As often is the case on these sort of occasions, you pick up lots of snippets of ideas and glimpse the expertise of others. So there’s plenty to follow up on. One of the ideas that might easily transplant to DeFT is Pachler & Cook’s work on online people tagging. They used this in the MATURE project, which focused on social learning in work-based knowledge networks. There’s a link to a publication on people-tagging here, but looking through this doesn’t really directly relate to our context. It’s probably best just to think about the basic idea of profiling participants, and even a wider group of experts, and generating a set of tags which might be useful in matching up interests or putting together teams with complementary areas of competence. The basic idea will be familiar to those who are into blogging or photo-sharing. Picassa illustrates this here and also introduces geo-tagging – another possibility.


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